“I have never yet met a life that was not worth recording.”

~Prof. C.K. Starr

Our past lecturer Prof. Starr believes in autobiography. He encourages everyone to

document their own life similarly as he has. We like this.

Our Story

LAL-LIFE was conceived during unemployment and born in a bar.

Let me explain.

To stay sane while I was looking for employment, I started following a blog: Natalie Bacon to learn more about budgeting and money matters. Unemployment can sure suck the life out of your bank account, so I was learning to be extra shrewd with whatever little money I had by force. I started thinking, why not start my own blog. I didn’t know where to start, or even understood the concept of how a blog worked, much less how to make money from it. That was late 2017.

Fast forward to 2018, it was Palm Sunday mass, on Palm Saturday evening! My husband-Aaron and I were in Bruse Bar to help my husband’s best friend’s father-Alfred set up the Curepe Fatima R.C. Church’s P.A. speakers and microphone for the priest to commence the blessing of the palms which took place on an empty lot opposite the bar. While we all sat and sipped our Malta waiting for the congregation to arrive with the priest, I told Aaron about my desire to start a blog.

That morning I took part in my first 5K race with my mama- it was our mother-daughter bonding moment. My aim was to start and finish the race. And so I did. After that race, I felt like nothing was impossible. Don’t mind my mama crossed the finish line before me! So accomplishing my dream of starting my very own blog was pulsating through my very being. But there was one problem -I didn’t know what to call it. Aaron said I could take the name LAL-LIFE that he and his best friends, David, Cutter and Randy made up years ago. Back then it meant something a bit different, but the general idea was sound.

So finally, with a name I liked, and a bit of brainstorming on its future content, I made up my mind to set-up the blog. And so the journey began…

Fast forward again. From conquering my first International marathon in January 2020, to enduring and surviving the challenges of a global pandemic and a nationwide lockdown; relocating four times in three years; undergoing a double lumpectomy; embarking on a three year overdue Euro trip; enduring twenty-nine hours of labour, followed by a C-section to welcome my daughter, Ava – life for me has been anything but ordinary.  

Now, I embark on a new journey, as an IELTS Writing Consultant and Educator. The seed of this idea was planted by one of Aaron’s friends, Mark Peterson, and the advice from my mother-in-law to “toughen up” when faced with challenges spurred me forward to achieve this goal. To these two individuals, I say, “Thank you.” Between the gaps of employment, and motivated by motherhood, I dedicated time to upskilling through IELTS teacher training programs and courses, and teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) on a volunteer basis to keep my skills sharp. Channeling my training, expertise and passion for writing, I added this new chapter to LAL-LIFE called: 

“IELTS Writing for Life.” 


Our Mission Statement

“Through the connections we share with people and the environment, we aim to document moments in our life that will educate, inspire and showcase to all the positivity that culture, people and the environment have to offer.”

We believe everyone, no matter how ordinary, has an Extra Ordinary story to tell.


“Every One has an Extra Ordinary story to tell…if you just listen.”


Our Vision Statement

Live, Learn and Love Life.


LAL-LIFE wants to help tell those stories.

YOU, our Dear Readers can help share them!



 Nadine & Aaron