Hello! I’m Nadine, an IELTS Writing Consultant and Educator.



 IELTS Writingcertified and Advanced Writing for IELTS – Getting your students to Band 7 or higher!  

IDP IELTS Teacher Training Programs 


Teaching IELTS Exam Preparation-certified 


CELTA-certified, University of Cambridge  


English as a Second Language tutor/volunteer, 2 years 


Teaching Assistant at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago, 2 years  


English Peer tutor at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago 


I created IELTS Writing for Life to help individuals prepare for the IELTS Writing exam and achieve their desired Band score. 




Simple. To make a difference in someone’s life. 

People take the IELTS as a stepping stone towards progress; work, study, immigration to a country where English is the official language. Getting a good band score is crucial to an individual achieving their education or career goals. The difference between getting a band score 6.5 vs 7 can change one’s life. It can open new doors for job positions, academic programs, or immigration processes that require English language proficiency. 


“IELTS is your passport, and that band score is your stamp of entry!” 


Writing is a skill, and it is one of the most challenging modules in IELTS. As an IELTS Writing Consultant and Educator I help individuals improve and refine their IELTS writing skills to confidently prepare for the exam and achieve the band score they need. 




By offering: 


  • IELTS Writing Masterclasses Online (coming soon!) 



Are you ready for the IELTS Writing exam? 



“Education brings empowerment and boundless opportunities.”